Sunday, July 27, 2008

Love Exchange (疑情別戀) - 20 Episodes

Released: June 30, 2008

Cast: Michael Miu, Anita Yuen, Krystal Tin, Power Chan, Angela Tong, Eddie Kwan, Tracy Ip, Mandy Cho, Angelina Lo, Lau Kong, Lee Ka Sing, June Chan, Eileen Yeow

Synopsis: A man and a woman are found dead inside a car. SIT CHI YIU learns that the man is her husband, LING HO LEUNG, and the woman is called FONG CHEUK LING. While YIU is devastated by her husband's death, she is also heartbroken to come to know that he had an affair. YIU LAP TIN, a friend of LEUNG's from school, shows up out of the blue and he cares a great deal about her. Later, YIU discovers that TIN, who works for a security firm, is in fact LING's husband and that he is not a friend of LEUNG in the least.

No one brings home the bacon since LEUNG died. Fortunately, LEUNG's boss, TSU YEUK-YUE, has found YIU a job at the insurance company they work at. Although her supervisor, CHING NGO-YEE, means to make things difficult for her, YIU takes it all. This makes YEE change her view on YIU and the two have become good friends. YIU wants to get over her pain and stand on her own two feet but TIN is determined to find out about the truth of LEUNG and LING's deaths. YIU has no choice but to give him a hand. However, the deeper they dig into the case, the more mysterious they find it. YIU cannot even judge who is friend and who is foe.


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