Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Speech Of Silence (甜言蜜語) - 20 Episodes

Released: June 23, 2008

Cast: Kate Tsui, Kenneth Ma, Chris Lai Lok Yi, Claire Yiu, Elaine Yiu, Kingdom Yuen, Stephen Huynh, Anne Heung, Ben Wong, Lau Dan, Mimi Lo

Synopsis: At an early age, TONG TONG (Kate Tsui) had an accident causing a complete loss of hearing on her left ear, she can only hear about 30% of the sounds from right ear. But she does not feel regretful, in contrast because of her personal efforts and joyful personality and careful care from her father, she finally overcomes the hearing impairment situation. She is better at carefully listening to others words through her heart than normal individuals. Although Tong's hearing is impaired but she has a talent in reading lips and is good at imitating sounds. When Tong grew up, she was clever with dubbing and therefore developed a career in the dubbing field. In her route to the dubbing field, she met a newcomer LEUNG KAI YIN (Kenneth Ma). Tong and Yin start a relationship that was engaving to their hearts.

Yin's father Leung Gum Bo used to be a dubbing king, but he did not behave, more than 10 years ago he had a mistress and also was in huge debts, he left his wife and son behind. Yin's mother was devastated. She went to grandfather Cheung Kan's factory to work. In Yin's heart there will always be a very deep wound that cannot be erased. When Yin grew up because he did not finish school, he helped his grandfather manage the factory. Yin inherited his father's personality, loved to sweet talk and crack jokes, he would be sensitive to sounds, he was talented in imitating sounds and effects. But because he didn't want to cause his grandfather to be unhappy, he chose to hide his interests. He secretly would help his aunt Leung Lai Yue who works with sound effects ...

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