Sunday, July 27, 2008

Catch Me Now (原來愛上賊) - 20 Episodes

Released: April 21, 2008

Cast: Damian Lau, Joe Ma, Idy Chan, Fala Chen, Johnson Lee, Evergreen Mak, Dickson Lee, Sharon Chan, Koni Lui

Synopsis: A sum of drug money triggers battle of wits between Kwong Yeung (Joe Ma) and Ko Chi (Damian Lau), a detective and a thief. Yeung gradually discovers the true identity of Chi is a mob chief who uses the restaurant business to cover his illegal activities. Despite all efforts, Yeung lacks sufficient evidence to support allegations against Chi. Nevertheless Yeung keeps a close eye on Chi and believes in the ultimate triumph of good over evil. Yeung's devotion to his work sours his relationship with his wife Hong Mei-Lei (Fala Chen). Fortunately, Lei is given support and encouragement by her best friend Bao Yung-Yung (Idy Chan). Chi is deeply attracted to Yung's kind-hearted personality. He even risks exposing his secret identity to save her life. There is a choice between love and ideal...

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Episode 20 (END)

Alternative Ending (6+ Minutes): (hdzone version)